Hens Night On A Budget

Thinking of giving a hen party for your best friend who is going to get married in a few days? Well, it’s not as easy as it seems (just like what you watch online). It’s more of a complicated event as some people resort to hiring an event organizer to make all the arrangements that […]

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The best movies with hot guys

When you come across a movie you love, chances are it’s not just the attaching storyline that makes you tune in. More often than not, it’s the character. To put it briefly, a specific male actor—that keeps you coming back. Whether they are the drop-dead gorgeous dudes, heroes, or funny men in the movies, they […]

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How to get the ripped body like a male stripper

Male strippers have the perfect body type that a lot of men would kill to have and that most women want to drool over. Their muscular arms & legs and six-pack abs make women go gaga while watching as male strippers remove their clothing piece by piece until all that’s left is a piece of […]

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How to have the best hens party

Women have different stages in their adolescent lives marked by different occasions. Sweet sixteen birthdays is usually the beginning (obviously when everyone in their circle is 16). Two years later there are 18th birthdays or society debuts, and then a 21st and after that their next big day will most likely be a girls wedding. […]

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The Best Male Strip Club

Have you decided to surprise one of your friends and give her the best bachelorette party that she will extremely like? Well guess what? You can now bring the entertainment to your party guests and give them a night to remember by booking the best male strippers who ever walked Melbourne, Australia! This is it! […]

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A Hens Night to Remember

or not to remember Veil, flowers, fancy gowns and an altar- the wedding season is fast approaching no doubt. But before the excitement of finishing whatever is necessary for A life-changing day, is the prior bachelorette party that will surely be the next thing you will (or will not) recall after your wedding. With the […]

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How to have a classy hens party

For a bride to be, hen parties are all about enjoying the remaining days of before going from single status to married. It is the time where you get to spend time with your friends to reminisce or talk about just about anything. But just because people call it a “hen party” it does not […]

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Top 10 Strip Clubs in the World

What’s a better way to enjoy a night out with your buddies than to drink and enjoy the good company of some lovely lady dancers? Strip clubs are every man’s escape from the stresses of the real world. And why not? It’s got everything you need – drinks, dudes, and dancing girls! And if you’re […]

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What is your desire? Read more to find out!

Do you remember one of our previous posts about what is your favourite type of male stripper? If not then shame shame shame you are not keeping up to date with our posts! We can link it here but we prefer you to find it, it is more fun that way 😉 Well anyway, we […]

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Surprise! How to Prepare a Hen’s Party without the Bride Knowing

Planning a hen’s party maybe stressful as it is especially if you are planning to throw a surprise party for the bride-to-be. The main responsibility of organising the surprise hen’s party mainly rests on the shoulder of the maid of honour. But of course, she needs a lot of help coming from the bridesmaid, friends […]

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Tips for the best Hens Night Games

We all know a hens party is a party that is held for a woman who will get married very soon. These type of parties will never be complete without food and games. The hen’s party is afor the women to celebrate the remaining days of the bride-to-be as a bachelorette. And what better way […]

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The week of a male stripper

Sunday The life of a male stripper is never short of drama and entertainment all the days of a week. Sunday is normally marked with a lot of resting, at least. However, the rest is as fleeting as they come. For example, on this day, I was able to get out of the presence of […]

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What Is Your Favourite Type Of Stripper?

The world of strippers is quite diverse. To most people, a stripper is the one they see in a strip club. Most people have a set mind regarding what they believe a stripper ought to be. In fact, it is only recently that male strippers have begun enjoying some universal acceptance. Formerly, female strippers were […]

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A Magic Night With Male Strippers From Melbourne

It has long been believed that men love strippers. Lately, it is emerging that women also love male strippers and is taking Melbourne by storm. In fact, more women are now going out at night to have some fun in the presence of these lads. More women now consider a hens party without male strippers […]

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The History of Stripping and Exotic Dancers

Exotic dancers better known as strippers are people whose career involves performing erotic dances in adult entertainment places such as strip clubs. Different people have different opinions regarding strip clubs. Some critics claim that these clubs are immoral and disempowering women (or men). Other people see strippers as people who are integral to the well […]

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How to Choose the Best Male Strippers and Male Topless Waiters

The demand for male strippers in hens parties and other similar types of events has gone up. The huge demand has convinced many men to apply for work as male strippers and specialize in offering their services strictly in hens parties. Believe it or not, a lot of girls have no idea how to choose […]

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