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Real Talk on Women’s Hottest Sexual Fantasies

Women's sexual fantasies include sex toys, BDSM, public affairs and more.

Sexual fantasies are normal and fairly common especially now that our generation is becoming more open with sex explorations. No matter what kink or fantasy you have, your private thoughts don’t have to define who you are. The result of your imagination could be tame, wild, or taboo, but it could be beneficial to you and your sexual pleasure. Read on and find out if you have the same sexual fantasies like everyone else. Here, we summed up women’s hottest sexual fantasies that could be their source of joy and excitement – in relationships or not.

Top Male Stripper Costumes VS Female Stripper Costumes

Male Stripper Wearing a fireman jacked with the front Open

We each love uniforms for our own different reason and today we’re going to explore why. What is your favourite uniform and why?

Surprise! How to Prepare a Hen’s Party without the Bride Knowing

Planning a hen’s party maybe stressful as it is especially if you are planning to throw a surprise party for the bride-to-be. The main responsibility of organising the surprise hen’s party mainly rests on the shoulder of the maid of honour. But of course, she needs a lot of help coming from the bridesmaid, friends […]

The History of Stripping and Exotic Dancers

Exotic dancers better known as strippers are people whose career involves performing erotic dances in adult entertainment places such as strip clubs. Different people have different opinions regarding strip clubs. Some critics claim that these clubs are immoral and disempowering women (or men). Other people see strippers as people who are integral to the well […]