Hens Night On A Budget

Thinking of giving a hen party for your best friend who is going to get married in a few days? Well, it’s not as easy as it seems (just like what you watch online). It’s more of a complicated event as some people resort to hiring an event organizer to make all the arrangements that are needed; these people are the ones who are experts in organizing an event just like the hen party. But what if you want to give a party but you are tight in budget that you can’t spend more because there will be nothing left for you.

hens spa party with wine

What’s better than giving your friend a bachelorette party and getting it done at a cheaper price? Cheap or not, you should always have your creativity, hard work and practicality of course as arranging a hen night is tough.

These accessories may include the following:

  • Balloons
  • Hats
  • Fancy dresses
  • Confetti

Make sure that you have enough so that you can and you may avoid last minute changes. If possible, you can use DIY materials for cheaper and more practical accessories.


A party will not be considered a party without a music, most especially if the party has no music. What’s going to happen if the hen night has no music, not even music from a phone? It’s going to be a really boring party. No party will ever take place without music, dancing and sometimes karaoke. If you have a good and a quality producing sound system, then make use of it. Contact a karaoke company and ask them for discounts, they will surely give some to you. Music is one of the lives of a great and a successful party.


Location is one of the musts in a Hens night, you must select the best location possible for the reason that the party may extend until the wee hours of the night; and parties like these tend to have much noise. You have to get a location where noise and partying all night is allowed. Farm houses, beach houses, rest houses are the best places to party your hearts out.

Lots of cheeky fun

Delicious food, exciting drinks, loud and dance-worthy music are not enough to make a bachelorette party a success; it is also good to have fun elements like naughty cards and games. There are party products that are available online and you can book them if you want. These products will then be delivered to you days before the party. Most importantly, don’t forget the hot guys! There are also decorations that have packages for discounted prices. Why not make your party a fun and a memorable one without paying too much?

The best, the most affordable and the most memorable bachelorette party can be attained if you follow these steps. There are a lot of tips and tricks online on where to find places to hold a hens party. Follow the tips above and make it a point that you should have a prosperous bachelorette party.

Hens nights or bachelorette parties have evolved into weekends where ladies go on a trip and spend their time with their friends by doing different kinds of activities like drinking (obviously), cooking food, or just mere partying all night with hot men.

We have hens night packages that are cheaper as compared to planning it on your own. If you have a tight budget, you can always bring your friends to your house and hold the party there, or you can bring them to a restaurant where you can enjoy yourselves. P.S. Don’t forget the hot male strippers!