How to Choose the Best Male Strippers and Male Topless Waiters

The demand for male strippers in hens parties and other similar types of events has gone up. The huge demand has convinced many men to apply for work as male strippers and specialize in offering their services strictly in hens parties. Believe it or not, a lot of girls have no idea how to choose a male stripper.

Choosing your hunk

Before choosing any stripping agency, take a close look at the calibre of the guys they have available. This is one of the most popular activities in hens parties so we have made this processing easier by creating a little guide for you!

A stripper should be confident and comfortable

This is because the stripper shall mostly be working while naked, and in front of many people. The bride wants to have some fun at the hens party, and so do her friends. Therefore, the guy she hires has to be somebody who is able to work without any clothes and take great pleasure in his physical appearance.

Choose strippers who are physically fit with nice bodies

A physically fit guy has a much higher chance of being hired for a hens party. Therefore, he has to be somebody who works out regularly and is in great physical shape. No stripping agency would hire a male stripper who is not in excellent physical shape. This is because the girls shall want the stripper to undress and show off his well toned body at the party.

A stripper always knows how to dress for the occasion

Dressing is a very important aspect of male stripping. Generally, male strippers are great dressers. They dress in the appropriate clothes. More importantly, they should assemble the appropriate clothing or costume that they know how to work with when offering their services. The tear-away types of clothing are very popular with male strippers.

Dancing is an essential part of stripping

The best male strippers know how to dance. This is a very important quality because he shall be asked to dance at the hens party. He might be allowed to choose his own music. Alternatively, he might have to dance to the tune of the music that the bride or any of her friends selects for him. The male stripper has to develop various dancing routines that match different types of music.

Choose strippers with excellent entertainment skills

Male stripping is all about entertainment. The main goal of the stripper is to entertain the bride and her friends at the hens party. A good stripper enjoys what he is doing. His excitement is transferred to the bride and her friends at the hens party.

Personality matters

The best stripping agencies employ male strippers with excellent personality. First, the stripper has to be outgoing and very sociable. An outgoing and fun-loving stripper lights up the hens party. The best agencies teem with bubbly and very cheerful strippers.

Choosing your Topless Waiter


The services of male topless waiters are in great demand in hens parties. The demand for male topless waiters is just as high as that for male strippers, especially at hens parties. The bride and her friends may know that the hens party needs some strippers and topless waiters, but have no clue regarding where to look for or how to hire them. Many men are realizing that working as a topless waiter is not only fun, but also one of the most financially rewarding trades in the world right now. The following qualities are required to excel as topless waiters:

Great personality

Having a great personality means that the topless waiter is proud of what he is doing. Therefore, he is able to offer excellent services at the hens party to which he is invited to offer entertainment. The topless waiter should be ready to offer male stripping services at the hens party, when asked to do that.


A talkative topless waiter makes the hens party full of life and fun. A quiet, topless waiter would make the party dull and uneventful. On the other hand, a talkative waiter adds life to the party, thus enabling the bride and her friends to have a wonderful, fun-filled time.

Outgoing and sociable

The best agencies employ the most outgoing and very sociable male topless waiters. After all, one of the reasons that the male topless waiters are hired is to provide entertainment. A less outgoing, inward-focused waiter would not offer much entertainment. The best place to find such waiters would be at the respective agencies.


The topless waiter needs to have a great sense of humour. This does not mean that he should be a great stand-up comedian. However, if he can keep the party going with some excellent jokes that leave the bride and her friends rolling on the floor with laughter, his services would be in great demand. Such male topless waiters are in constant demand at hens parties, which are all about having fun.


The best male topless waiters are among the most charismatic. They are able to grab and hold the attention of the bride and her friends at the hens party. This is primarily because of the great entertainment and increased fun that they bring to the party.
Therefore, since the hens party accords the bride and her guests the chance to celebrate the freedom she enjoys while preparing for the upcoming wedding, hiring the best male strippers and topless waiters would be one of the best ways with which to achieve her desires. Most stripping agencies are full of the best male strippers and topless waiters. Therefore, brides should obtain the services of such entertainers from stripping agencies.