Surprise! How to Prepare a Hen’s Party without the Bride Knowing

Planning a hen’s party maybe stressful as it is especially if you are planning to throw a surprise party for the bride-to-be. The main responsibility of organising the surprise hen’s party mainly rests on the shoulder of the maid of honour. But of course, she needs a lot of help coming from the bridesmaid, friends of the bride and maybe from the groom. So how do you prepare a hens party without the bride knowing? Here are some helpful tips for the preparation.

girls at a hens party

Know the brides schedule!

First, know the schedule of the bride. The first thing to do in organising the hen’s party is to know when to hold it. You can’t make the most amazing hen’s party when the bride-to-be already has plans on that date. Brides are most likely busy on the days counting her weddings, so double bookings of events may most likely happen. Plan ahead. Make sure there is no conflict in the date of the hen’s party.

Next, plan something she’d love. As her maid of honour, you are most likely the person who knows her best; you know what she loves and what she hates. You know what kind of party girl she is, what things she wanted to try. It would be also great if you have other people, like the bridesmaids and other friends who will help you in planning the hen’s party. Besides, two heads are better than one.

Remember, the hens party is a surprise

Equally important thing also is that, you have to remind all the guests of the hen’s party that this is a surprise! It is fact that a huge number of parties that are supposed to be a surprise are destroyed by some clueless friends. They usually say something out because they are totally unaware of the arrangements. With this, you should keep in mind to inform people that the party should be a surprise and that they should be very discreet.
Also, you must keep a budget in mind. Given that it is a surprise party, of course you cannot ask the bride to share in the expenses of the hen’s party. You are the ones who will host and sponsor for the party. So make sure all those who are part of the preparation team have something to share in the expenses. You don’t really need a huge budget for the hen’s party. Something simple and fun would really go a long way.

Next, you have to look at the bride’s friends list on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. In preparing the surprise hen’s party, you do not want any friend of the bride to feel she was forgotten simply because you, the organizer, forgot to invite her. Make sure that all of her close friends, whom you feel she would have wanted to be present during this night, are there. It would also be best to ask the help of the groom regarding this matter.

Preparing a hen’s party maybe stressful but it would all be worth it. Probably the easiest thing to do is to just call 1300 624 426 and let the professionals handle it for you!