The best movies with hot guys

When you come across a movie you love, chances are it’s not just the attaching storyline that makes you tune in. More often than not, it’s the character. To put it briefly, a specific male actor—that keeps you coming back. Whether they are the drop-dead gorgeous dudes, heroes, or funny men in the movies, they constantly give you the giggles. Whether they are due to humorous personalities, incredible chemistry with another character, nice body, you can’t change the fact that they’re just really nice to look at because they are the hottest guys for you.

Paranoia’s Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth, the people’s choice for the hottest man in the universe. Women can’t get off his light blue eyes, charisma personality and of course that hot body! He is known for his biggest movie, “The Avengers” as Captain America. However, it seems like most women cannot forget his on-screen sexy hot body in his Paranoia movie, an American thriller film, where he (Liam Hemsworth) played the role as Adam Cassidy who happens to be an inventor. The film has a good story, but it is not the reason why women keep coming back – it’s his hot looks and body!

Lucky One’s Zac Efron

Zac Efron movies have always been the all-time favourites of girls! This guy seemed to have made a huge transition from Disney Movies to mature and sexy films, but there is nothing that hinders him from being one of the hottest men in the universe. Speaking of mature and sexy, “The Lucky One” is every girl’s favourite movie. The film was based on Nicholas Spark‘s novel. Efron played the role of Logan, the marine veteran who faces difficult, but the obsessive relationship with Beth, the worn-out mother. While there are girls who aren’t really convinced about the script or the whole movie, a scene with Efron in his underwear will still make them coming back!

Now how do we find even hotter guys?

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