Tips for the best Hens Night Games

We all know a hens party is a party that is held for a woman who will get married very soon. These type of parties will never be complete without food and games. The hen’s party is afor the women to celebrate the remaining days of the bride-to-be as a bachelorette. And what better way to say goodbye to the bachelorette days than have some games, with topless waiters and hot male waiters! But always keep in mind that these games should not endanger the honour of the bride and the guests.

best games for a hens party

Pin the donkey? Or something else?

As a child you most likely played the pin the tail on the donkey. Pin the penis is more or less the same game only using cut out penises instead of tails and a real topless man instead of a donkey are used. And because they are going to pin it to a real man, they better use tapes rather than pins, ouch! Each player needs a cut out penis with their name written on it to avoid confusion. You can’t be sharing the same one, that normally only happens on those delusional websites haha. Participants will be blindfolded one at a time, spun around before trying to pin it where it belongs. The winner is the person closest to the mark. You’ll need an appropriate prize for the winner.

The cheeky photo game & truth or dare

The guests of the hens party can also take turns in posing scandalous photos in raunchy poses with the topless waiters. The topless waiters can also assist in the hosting of games such as truth or dare. Surely, many of the guests would prefer for dares especially when it involves the topless waiters. Lap dances and saucy dances with the topless waiters is a must for every hen in the party. And simply for laugh and pure fun, all the hens will have a lap dance with the topless waiters and let the topless waiters choose a winner who had the best lap dance. The price should be a lap dance of the topless waiter to the winning hen. When every hen or every guest in the hens party would be tired from all the fun, games and laughter, these topless waiters could also do great massages to all the ladies out there.

Mummify your man

The game that has to do with toilet papers is one of the most popular games in hen’s parties. This involves several small teams. The objective of this game is to make a mummy with the use of the toilet papers on the male strippers. Then the model flaunts himself infront of the bride and the bride chooses the winner.

Body shots shots shots everybody!

The best of all is do body shots with the topless waiters. A party is never complete without drinks and shots! And what better way to do shots than having body shots with a very hot topless waiter. It starts with the salt. Choose a spot on the body of the topless waiter, sprinkle with salt and lick the salt. The more daring hens may choose spots which could make him blush. And the bride being the lady of the night, should be the first to try the body shot. Next is the tequila, choose a spot in the body of the topless waiter. Drink the tequila and avoid spillage. When it spills, you got to lick it. And a shot is never complete without a lemon. So after drinking tequila, wash down the taste with mouth-to-mouth lemon action!

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