Hire Topless Waiters in Melbourne from Magic Men.

Voted Melbourne’s hottest topless waiters for hire

Add a little sizzle and spice to the catering at your next event! The right barmen will come in and turn your next gathering into a unforgettable event. When you hire male topless waiters from Magic Men, you’re getting the city’s sexiest servers bringing you delicious treats – with no pesky black-and-whites to get in the way of the view! We’ve been awarded the Best Male Dance group 2013 and we know how to provide premium service that will make your night simple and easy. Make Magic Men’s waiters and barmen a must at your next party. Add a stripper to make the party even more entertaining, see the guys here

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Tall, dark and handsome. Orlando is sweet, humble and knows how to take care of you and your friends.

Feds topless waiter


Feds is one gorgeous man. Highly in demand, we recommend you book him in early to avoid disappointment.

Sya topless waiter melbourne


Hire Sya to be the life of your party. This host knows how to kick start your night.



Exotic and tanned. Jack is one spicy guy.



Alun will have you charmed and dazzled with his gorgeous looks.



Lochie is one of Magic Men’s cheekiest topless waiters. His smart, intelligent and very cute. Hire this hunk for a guaranteed night of fun.



One of Magic Men’s spunkiest topless waiter. Sean loves to train, eat and live life. This hunk knows how to get the party going, with killer body and a cheeky smile, Sean is a must have at your next party!


Daniel knows how to get the party started.


Rugged and strong. Aaron has the smoothest accent and gentle personality you’ll ever meet.



Our Joseph loves nothing more than the rush of danger, excitement and thrill he gets from racing which is why the ladies find him so intriguing.



James the tank. Footy player by day, party animal at night.


One of Magic Men’s finest guys. Leo has the look, the body and the personality to spark your night into something amazing.

matthew topless waiter


Athletic, muscly and extremely handsome. Matthew is one of our top requests.

patrizio topless waiter


Topless waiter Patrizio is one of Magic Men’s top guys. European, tanned and tatted, Patrizio is one spunky bad boy!

Melbourne waiter Charaf


Sexy, cheek and very friendly. Charaf has got it all.


What a sexy man. His clean cut and extremely solid body makes George’s body some one you won’t be able to take your eyes off.


Tall, dark and handsome, Luke has the abs you can grate cheese off.

topless waiters eli


Topless waiter Eli is Magic Men’s sexiest spunk. His smart and funny and will have all the girls cheering for more.

damien topless waiter


Muscly, strong and very cute. Damien has it all! He loves to dance and knows how to have a laugh.

jefferson topless waiter


Here’s Jefferson, one spunky topless waiter. Jefferson will have the party going from the moment he walks in the door.