What is your desire? Read more to find out!

Do you remember one of our previous posts about what is your favourite type of male stripper? If not then shame shame shame you are not keeping up to date with our posts! We can link it here but we prefer you to find it, it is more fun that way 😉 Well anyway, we have got an inforgraphic created exclusive for us based on your favourite types of strippers and we thought we would share it with you all!

infographic on the different types of male strippers


Fireman to rescue you

The fireman stripper dresses as a firefighter. He offers his services with all the tools and costumes worn by your typical stereo typed dreamy fireman!

Doctor feel good

The name says it all! Ideally, doctors help people feel good and healthy. This is what the doctor stripper does. Many people do fantasise about having a great time with hot doctors. If you say no then you are liar!

Policeman ready to serve

And serve he does! In a naughty but entertaining way, that is what the policeman stripper does with his cuffs and toy gun. You can decide on the gun mmmmm. The cuffs that the policeman stripper has will subdue his clients so that they are willing to do whatever is asked of them. Well, to a certain extent of course.

No rules prisoner

Let’s break all the rules tonight. The sense of adventure that our girls feel when in the presence of a hunky prisoner is unmatched. If you want to break all the boundaries then you have come to the right place.