Male strippers and topless waiters in Brunswick

Male Strippers in Melbourne shares the same fondness to arts and live music with Brunswick. Our men are ready to mingle and take your cool parties and live music to the next level. Feel our passion and sensual taste in music and choreography when you book our male strippers and topless waiters in Brunswick. We will give you an eargasm you wish you should have known before.

Male Strip Show in Brunswick


A legit bachelorette party is one with strippers and dancers. Moreso if they come looking gorgeous, heavenly creatures to rock the party. Our Male Strippers in Melbourne can perform in various costumes and preferences. Whether your hen is turned on by uniform men, or solid-looking guy aka Christian Grey, our male strippers in Brunswick will make your hen’s desire come true. Our job is to ensure you have loads of fun on your girlfriend’s last hurrah as a single girl. We’re masters of making an entertaining night with our sizzling hot bodies and dance moves. Turn your AC up a notch because will make your party on fire!

Melbourne male stripper will Parfitt


Being handsome and attractive in a fireman costume is what Will is known for. Marvel at his smooth performance that is definitely breathtaking. Book him and experience a thrilling and exciting night!
Melbourne stripper Jaxon


He was born to be a dancer, and his performance is mind-blowing! Jaxon really gives his best in what he does. Let him show his good looks and sexy body while he performs perfectly.



Topless waiter Eli is Magic Men’s sexiest spunk. His smart and funny and will have all the girls cheering for more.
Sean W


One of Magic Men’s spunkiest topless waiter. Sean loves to train, eat and live life. This hunk knows how to get the party going, with killer body and a cheeky smile, Sean is a must have at your next party!
Melbourne stripper Blake Feds


Blake’s naturally playful character is what makes him an attractive guy. And with those precise moves, one can’t help but watch him perform till the end. Book Blake now and be mesmerized by his looks and physique.

Melbourne stripper Jesse Cruz

Jesse Cruze

A good-looking guy loaded with talent is someone extraordinary. That is the reason why girls are attracted to Jessie. For an unforgettable girls’ night out, have Jesse perform his excellent and stunning act.

Marco B

Set the night on fire with Marco’s wonderful moves! Leave your worries behind and get carried away by this gorgeous guy. Prepare yourself for a night of laughter and entertainment that only Marco can give.


Ash Summers

Get ready for a night of genuine fun and entertainment with Ash Summers. Feel the thrill as he shows off his perfect dance moves. He definitely knows how to make a woman feel special.
Dante Melbourne stripper


This angelic hunk gives a powerful performance that heats up the stage! Dante’s charms will get on you as you watch him dance with passion, all for your satisfaction.



This incredible hunk in a fireman costume looks extremely confident. Logan’s moves are incredible and truly amazing, making girls sit to the edge of their seats. The excitement is magical! Book now and let him treat you right.

Patrick C

Make your girls night out a night of fun and pleasure as Patrick takes center stage to entertain you to your heart’s content. Those graceful dance moves are unbelievably perfect and wonderful.



An awesome experience awaits you as Ossie’s dance show fills you with thrill and delight that is more than what you expect. Ossie’s hot moves are a surefire hit that will keep you asking for more!

Melbourne Stripper Zeus


Zeus loves to get down and dirty, with a rugged look and chiseled body. This Magic Man will have you screaming for more.

Melbourne Stripper Francesco


Francesco’s profile is indeed eye-catching. Who wouldn’t love this hunk with rock-hard abs and perfectly toned biceps? His graceful moves are a sight to behold. He’s is here to rock your party.

carlo p

Carlo P

An awesome experience awaits you as Carlo’s dance show fills you with thrill and delight that is more than what you expect. Carlo’s hot moves are a surefire hit that will keep you asking for more!

Tyreese in police costume


Watching Tyreese groove to the music is something that is surely hard to forget. This attractive guy with rock-hard muscles gives an excellent performance and his energy is beyond the best.

Melbourne Stripper Ceaser


Cesar’s finely-built muscles are so attractive! See him perform with his best moves will surely take your breath away. Book your hens night with him, and you can be sure of an amazing event ahead.

Melbourne stripper Joseph


Joseph’s perfectly sculpted body is so attractive, even his tattoos are fabulous. Make your hens night exceptionally lively by letting him perform beyond your expectations. Book Joseph and let the good times roll!

Melbourne stripper Carlos Jay


Tanned, lean and has got all the right moves. Carlos will have you cheering for more when you see this hunk bust a move.

Melbourne Stripper Joshua C

Joshua C

Joshua is the perfect addition for your next function with a dance background, awesome personality, killer smile and piercing blue eyes , he’s bound to get the party started!

Topless Waiter in Brunswick


If you want to throw a rocking party, better hire topless waiters to serve your guests with their cheeky personalities. After helping you with the decorations of the food preparation, be amazed by how our gorgeous topless men can daze all the ladies in a game. They are always ready for body shots and silly games you have prepared. And if your guests want some more, our topless waiters in Brunswick can do a little naughty lap dance that will drive the ladies’ wild and crazy.

Melbourne topless waiter Sam


Exotic and tanned. Sam is one spicy guy.


Luke G

Hire Luke G to be the life of your party. This host knows how to kick start your night.

Melbourne topless waiter Jeremy


Jeremy will have you charmed and dazzled with his gorgeous looks.

Melbourne topless waiter Charaf


Sexy, cheek and very friendly. Raf has got it all.

Melbourne topless waiter Zak


Here’s Zak, one spunky topless waiter. Jefferson will have the party going from the moment he walks in the door.

Melbourne Topless waiter Des


Des is one of Magic Men’s cheekiest topless waiters. His smart, intelligent and very cute. Hire this hunk for a guaranteed night of fun.

Melbourne topless waiter eli


Rugged and strong. Eli has the smoothest accent and gentle personality you’ll ever meet.



Dante knows how to get the party started.

Melbourne Topless waiter Joshua A

Joshua A

Joshua the tank. Footy player by day, party animal at night.

Melbourne waiter Mitch


One of Magic Men’s finest guys. Mitch has the look, the body and the personality to spark your night into something amazing.

Melbourne topless waiter Martin


Athletic, muscly and extremely handsome. Martin is one of our top requests.

Melbourne Topless waiter Angel


What a sexy man. His extremely solid body makes Angel  someone you won’t be able to take your eyes off.

Melbourne topless waiter Jack Levine

Jack Levine

Tall, dark and handsome, Jack has the abs you can grate cheese off.

Melbourne Topless waiter Chris w

Chris W

Muscly, strong and very cute. Chris has it all! He loves to dance and knows how to have a laugh.

Melbourne topless waiter Karl


Karlis sweet, humble and knows how to take care of you and your friends.

Melbourne Topless waiter Simon


Simon loves nothing more than the rush of danger, excitement and thrill he gets from racing which is why the ladies find him so intriguing.



Patrick will liven up your party the moment he walks through your door. Fit, toned and charming as hell, he’s sure to put a smile on your face as he mixes your cocktails and serves you drinks.

Melbourne Topless waiter Luke Armstrong

Luke A

Built like the King of the jungle, ladies will be mesmerized by Luke with his perfect abs and tantalizing eyes.

Zues waiter melbourne


Young gun Zeus is ready and willing to give the ladies what they want. He is a real charmer and true gentleman – rare qualities paired with a great body and a sweet face.

Melbourne topless waiter Blake feds


Feds is one gorgeous man. Highly in demand, we recommend you book him in early to avoid disappointment.

Hens Night, Birthday Parties and any Events in Brunswick

Different occasions demand different kinds of entertainment. Male Strippers in Melbourne can fulfil whatever level of naughtiness your ladies can handle. Do not be intimated by their muscles and meatiness. Just buckle up and prepare for the rollercoaster emotions for having us over. Don’t say we did not warn you!