Add a little sizzle and spice to the catering at your next event! The right barmen will come in and turn your next gathering into a unforgettable event. When you hire male topless waiters from Magic Men, you’re getting the city’s sexiest servers bringing you delicious treats – with no pesky black-and-whites to get in the way of the view! We’ve been awarded the Best Male Dance group 2013 and we know how to provide premium service that will make your night simple and easy. Make Magic Men’s waiters and barmen a must at your next party. Add a stripper to make the party even more entertaining, see the guys here

Melbourne Topless Barmen & Bartenders

Jordan W updated melb


Rugged and strong. Jordan has the smoothest accent and gentle personality you’ll ever meet.

dante melb waiter


Dante is the perfect addition to any party! As a topless waiter in Melbourne, he brings a combination of chiselled abs, magnetic personality, and excellent service to your event.
Des waiter melb


He loves to engage with guests, making sure they feel comfortable and entertained throughout the night. If you’re looking for a topless waiter who can provide both exceptional service and a great time, Des is your guy!
fredrick waiter melb


Fredrick is a true gentleman and a great entertainer! As a topless waiter in Melbourne, he brings a charming personality, a fit physique, and a high level of professionalism to your event.
luke-grech- waiter melbourne

Luke G

Luke G is known for his great sense of humour and outgoing nature, making him the perfect addition to any party. If you’re looking for a topless waiter who can provide top-quality service and a great time, look no further than Luke G!
Karl melbourne waiter


Karl brings a combination of chiseled abs, a magnetic personality, and exceptional service to your event. He loves to engage with guests, ensuring that they have a great time while he serves drinks, plays games, and socializes with them.


What a sexy man! Patrick is the epitome of a beautiful man. His clean-cut and extremely solid body will surely make you look twice (or thrice)!

Alex S waiter melb

Alex S

Whether it’s a hens party, birthday celebration or corporate event, Alex is sure to leave a lasting impression on guests with his professional demeanor and outgoing personality.
Chris W waiter melbo

Chris W

Chris is an energetic and fun-loving topless waiter based in Melbourne. With his muscular build and friendly demeanor, he is the perfect choice for any event looking for some eye candy and entertainment.
billy topless waiter


Get your share of this gentle hunk. He may look a bit rough and serious on the outside but give it a little time and you’ll find that Billy is a big softie! Book him for your next hens event – I’ll let you in on a little secret: he’s popular for hosting the best and most fun hens games!

Gary waiter melbourne


Roses are red, violets are blue – Gary plus you equals a dream come true. Hire this hunk for a spunky night!
Alan waiter melb


One of Magic Men’s finest guys. Alan has the look, the body and the personality to spark your night into something amazing.

James T waiter melbourne

James T

Athletic, muscly and extremely handsome. James is one of our top requests.

Kamil waiter Melbourne


Here’s Kamil, one spunky topless waiter. Kamil will have the party going from the moment he walks in the door.
Luke A waiter M

Luke A

Spicy and exotic, Luke will make the ladies swoon with his tantalizing looks. Hire him for an epic night of fun and excitement!

james melbourne waiter


What a beautiful man! James is fine, pleasant and easy on the eyes. Lend your ears as he keeps up with the banter and makes your guests giggle a little.

Raymond waiter


Whether it’s a high-end corporate function, a fancy birthday celebration or an elegant hens party, Raymond’s refined manners and exceptional service are sure to impress guests.
david magic men melbourne


Topless waiter David is the sexiest spunk. He’s smart and funny and will have all the girls cheering for more.

chris topless waiter

Chris M

Sexy, cheek and very friendly. Chris has got it all.

Michael waiter melbourne


Book him for your next event and let him show you why he is one of the most sought-after topless waiters in Melbourne!
Kristian waiter melb


Meet Kristian, a handsome and charming topless waiter in Melbourne. With his sun-kissed skin and striking tattoos, he’s sure to turn heads at any party or event.
Zues waiter melbourne


Zeus is the ultimate addition to any party or event. His confidence and professionalism make him a favorite among guests, while his good looks and toned body make him a favorite for photos.
Feds topless waiter


Blake is one gorgeous man. Highly in demand, we recommend you book him in early to avoid disappointment.

angel melbourne waiter


A literal Angel, this down to earth cutie will make your event even more special. Book Angel for a sweet ending to your amazing event!

leo topless waiter melbourne


Muscly, strong and very cute. Leo has it all! He loves to dance and knows how to have a laugh.

tariq topless waiter melbourne


Tariq is a cheeky player who will make you smile when he passes by. He gives off a strong vibe and will only add positivity to your next event.

johnnie topless waiter melbourne


Johnnie attack – real estate manager by day, party animal at night. This hottie surely knows how to sell himself!

Ajay waiter melb


Ajay is a hopeless romantic. You’ll get lost in his eyes and stories. Book this smooth-talker and he’ll make you want to steal glances every time he walks by!
Orlando Melbourne


Tall, dark and handsome. Orlando is sweet, humble and knows how to take care of you and your friends.
Sya topless waiter melbourne


Hire Sya to be the life of your party. This host knows how to kick start your night.


Exotic and tanned. Jack is one spicy guy.


One of Magic Men’s spunkiest topless waiter. Sean loves to train, eat and live life. This hunk knows how to get the party going, with killer body and a cheeky smile, Sean is a must have at your next party!
patrizio topless waiter


Topless waiter Patrizio is one of Magic Men’s top guys. European, tanned and tatted, Patrizio is one spunky bad boy!


Lochie is one of Magic Men’s cheekiest topless waiters. His smart, intelligent and very cute. Hire this hunk for a guaranteed night of fun.


Our Joseph loves nothing more than the rush of danger, excitement and thrill he gets from racing which is why the ladies find him so intriguing.
josh topless waiter melbourne

Jack Levine

Josh will have you charmed and dazzled with his gorgeous looks.

Top-Notch Topless Waiters 

Ladies! It’s celebration time and the party organising is in full swing. What could be better to spice up your hens party, than a smoking hot, half-naked man knocking on your door. 

These topless waiters are unmatched. They’re hand-picked to please you. They are unrivalled in looks and skills and unbeatable in performance.

But if you’re new to the scene, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. So here is why ladies love a topless waiter and why you should have one at your party.

Why Women Love a Topless Waiter

The great thing about topless waiters is that women can still enjoy all the delights of having a ridiculously hot man in their home but in a calmer approach. This is especially true if you feel the excitement of a male stripper isn’t for you.

So here are the top reasons, every woman loves a topless waiter:


These topless waiters are 100% reliable. Not only will they never miss a date, but they will also always arrive at the time you expect them. They’ll even send a cheeky message to let you know they’re on their way. 

Phwoar! Take and look at the incredible guys listed on this page and you’ll know what I mean. They’re seriously good looking, with irresistible bodies. The best thing is, you can choose which hunk you’d like, and he’s the guy that will turn up, wearing nothing but some tight undies and a black bow tie. There’s so much choice there’s bound to be one that tickles your pickle!

These Topless Waiters Melbourne are born entertainers. They were made to make you laugh and help you to have the best time. From the moment the party begins, they will be charming their way into all the ladies’ hearts.

Our topless waiters are incredible at what they do. They know how to put you at ease and make sure you never feel uncomfortable. Their attention to detail with everything they do is second-to-none. If they’re serving food, they do so professionally. If you’ve asked them to keep drinks topped up, then there will not be an empty glass in sight. 

One of the joys of hiring a topless waiter is that they’ll put their hand to almost anything that needs doing to get the party started. They’ll help with:

-pre-party preparations and tidying

-welcoming guests

-serving food

-pouring drinks

-making cocktails

-leading the entertainment

The games you choose to play are the icing on the cake and ensure the party doesn’t flop. Here are some ideas to help you with your party preparations and keep your party in full swing.

Top Games your Waiter Can Lead

Your topless waiter LOVES to play games. By nature, these guys are entertainers. Although he won’t bring the games with him, he’ll quickly take the lead with what you have prepared, which means you can join in with your friends and let laughter flow. Now you don’t have to go to a male strip club to have all the fun.

Here are some examples that need a small amount of preparation beforehand but are such fun they’ll have the girls in fits of giggles. One is a nice game, the next is naughtier, and finally the naughtiest!

What you’ll need: paper, pen and a bowl

This is an easy one to get the party started. Each hen writes down a memory—the funnier or naughtier, the better. The memories are folded and put into a bowl so that nobody can tell who wrote what. The saucy server picks one at a time and reads it out. If the girls correctly guess, the author must drink. If they think incorrectly, the group does.

What you’ll need: paper, pen and a bowl

This is a brilliant game because it can be as naughty or as nice as you like. Each hen writes down two or three dares onto strips of paper, folds them and puts them into the bowl. These dares could be funny, embarrassing, naughty, or you might pop a sneaky truth in the bowl too. Each girl takes it in turns to choose a piece of paper and then carry out the dare. If they refuse, they must down their drink.

What you’ll need: banana or cucumber, a wrapped condom

Girls, this is hysterical, but the hens game is simple to prepare. Form a circle and choose two ladies to start with. The aim is to unwrap the condom and tease it on the fruit. However, you must not use your hands. You can imagine the sights now! The winner is the girl who manages to do this first.

Let’s Get the Party Started

Now that we’ve convinced you that a Australian topless waiter is what you need, let’s start thinking about the finer details. 

The answer depends on you; there is no set amount. Although we do suggest that if you have more than 20 ladies at the party, you invest in at least two buff bartenders. Other than that you can choose, but just think, the more you invite, the more fun they can bring.

Booking is super simple; just find the topless waiters Melbourne you’d like to attend and click the ‘reserve me now’ icon. That way, he’ll definitely be yours. Alternatively, you can call our team and they can help you finalise details and talk you through any add on you may desire.

Of course, for a small extra fee, our men are more than willing to travel to the suburbs of Victoria to make all your dreams come true. 

The gorgeous guys are self-sufficient and will bring everything they need. On arrival, they may require a private changing area and would greatly appreciate any leftover food and drink, but there is no obligation.

There you have it. Call us now and make sure you don’t risk missing out on your top man.



Topless Barmen & Bartenders Melbourne