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Will fireman melb


Being handsome and attractive in a fireman costume is what Will is known for. Marvel at his smooth performance that is definitely breathtaking. Book him and experience a thrilling and exciting night!
Jaxon stripper melb


Jaxon’s naturally playful character is what makes him an attractive guy. And with those precise moves, one can’t help but watch him perform till the end. Book Jaxon now and be mesmerized by his looks and physique.

Tyreese strip melbourne


If you’re looking for a talented and charismatic performer, look no further than Tyreese. With his smooth moves and captivating stage presence, he’ll bring a touch of magic to any event.
Sean fireman stripper melbourne


Book an enjoyable and unforgettable with hottie Sean. The perfect addition to your hens party or any event worth celebrating! Swoon over this hunk as he grinds and handstands his way through every girl’s heart.

magic men male stripper joshua

Joshua C

Beneath his shy-boy appearance is a stunning performer with electrifying moves. You would lose yourself by just watching Joshua C do his superb groove. Book him for your hens night and see him rock your world.

magic men ceaser fireman stripper


Cesar’s finely-built muscles are so attractive! See him perform with his best moves will surely take your breath away. Book your hens night with him, and you can be sure of an amazing event ahead.



It is nearly impossible not to notice Blake’s beautiful eyes. Watch his moves and let him take you to a place and an experience you will never forget.

magic men francesco male stripper melbourne


Francesco’s profile is indeed eye-catching. Who wouldn’t love this hunk with rock-hard abs and perfectly toned biceps? His graceful moves are a sight to behold. He’s is here to rock your party.

angelo melbourne stripper white top


This angelic hunk gives a powerful performance that heats up the stage! Angelo’s charms will get on you as you watch him dance with passion, all for your satisfaction.
magic men david k male stripper melbourne

David K

David is the perfect addition for your next function with a dance background, awesome personality, killer smile and over 2yrs experience as a stripper, he’s bound to get the party started!



This incredible hunk in a fireman costume looks extremely confident. Logan’s moves are incredible and truly amazing, making girls sit to the edge of their seats. The excitement is magical! Book now and let him treat you right.
Zues waiter melbourne


Watching Zeus groove to the music is something that is surely hard to forget. This attractive guy with rock-hard muscles gives an excellent performance and his energy is beyond the best.

marco magic men melbourne


You will definitely fall for this guy, perfect in every angle. Awaken your senses with Marco’s smooth moves and heart-stopping performance that you will remember for a long time.

magic men jesse male stripper

Jesse Cruze

A good-looking guy loaded with talent is someone extraordinary. That is the reason why girls are attracted to Jessie. For an unforgettable girls’ night out, have Jesse perform his excellent and stunning act.
Eddy stripper melbourne


An awesome experience awaits you as Eddy’s dance show fills you with thrill and delight that is more than what you expect. Eddy’s hot moves are a surefire hit that will keep you asking for more!
Ash stripper melb

Ash Summers

Get ready for a night of genuine fun and entertainment with Ash Summers. Feel the thrill as he shows off his perfect dance moves. He definitely knows how to make a woman feel special.
Matthew stripper melb


From private parties to wild nights out, Matthew will provide the ultimate entertainment and make sure everyone has a great time. Book him for your next event and let him take your breath away with his moves.

Photoshoot with Magic Men stripper jay


Tanned, lean and has got all the right moves. Carlos will have you cheering for more when you see this hunk bust a move.

magic men melbourne tariq army


 Dark, sexy and extremely muscly. A touch of chocolate to spoil your celebrant and make every event special. Book Tariq for a spicy finale to your night of fun and excitement!

Melbourne stripper Mitch Athumbnail_mitch armstrong 2

Mitch A

Make your girls night out a night of fun and pleasure as Mitch takes center stage to entertain you to your heart’s content. Those graceful dance moves are unbelievably perfect and wonderful.
lochie male stripper melbourne


Don’t miss out on a fun-filled night by booking him now. Lochie is the perfect entertainer to give you loads of excitement during your girls night that you’ll definitely remember for a long time!

Ajay waiter melb


He’s not just charming and professional but also has an edgy side with his unique tattoos. Ajay will make sure your event is unforgettable, bringing his vibrant energy and captivating presence to any occasion.
Carlo P dancer


Carlo is a talented and versatile dancer, bringing his passion for entertainment to every show. Whether you need a performer for a corporate event, private party, or nightclub, Carlo can do it all.


The Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring a Male Stripper

So, you’re thinking of hiring one of Melbourne’s enchanting male strippers. Twenty sexy minutes, or more, of an irresistibly delicious hunk, storming your party and causing a disturbance like no other. Often ladies will consider hiring one for bachelorette parties, a birthday bash, or a divorce do. Still, in reality, you could hire one even if you just fancied a night of pure unadulterated fun.

Hiring a gorgeous male hunk to take off his clothes, accompanied with a raunchy routine and seductive smiles, isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but if it is, it can make a night into one hell of a party and make memories that will last a lifetime.

If you’re new to the scene and thinking of inviting a man to your event, you’re in the right place. Here is the ultimate guide on the dos and don’ts of hosting male strippers. It will take you through what behaviour is appropriate and what is probably best to avoid and is sure to put you in good stead for the night ahead.

The dos

Let’s start with the positives. Hiring one of Melbourne’s hotties is super exciting, so you’ll want to make the most of it. Here are all the things you could and should do to make the most of this raunchy experience.


With a stripper comes options. He needs to know before he begins whether you want a partial or an entire strip. Either you want him to stop when he gets to his undies or keep going all the way down to his birthday suit. This will avoid either disappointment or a relatively large shock!
He also needs to know your preferences regarding his attire. His costume depends on what floats your boat.

The boys will always confirm on the day the exact time of their arrival, which will put your mind at ease. When the gorgeous hunk does arrive at your venue, whether it’s at your home or in a hotel room, he may need a space to get himself sorted before the fun really begins. A spare bedroom or even the bathroom will do just fine.

Making sure you’re ready for the lovely lad before he arrives will mean the transition from ordinary into thrilling is seamless. Before his quoted arrival time, clear a space and provide a chair in the centre for the lucky lady. This means that when you hear that knock on the door, he’ll be ready to get started without the faff.

The show will be hot, it will be steamy and it will be saucy! The boys will make it everything you’ve dreamed of and more and so will absolutely love you to see and hear your appreciation. Cheering, clapping and whooping all help keep the atmosphere electric and the lads enthusiastic to do their sweet thing.

These boys will dance, smile and charm the pants off you all and so if you think they deserve an extra tip for their hard work, feel free. You could do this during the show, or after the performance, if you prefer.

With all their hard work and exertions, and before they head off, they may be very appreciative of a drink and bite to eat if there is any spare. It’s hard work being a stripper, so they’re bound to get a little hungry.

Although appearing as supreme beings and looking like them too, underneath it all, these handsome hunks are only human, so treat them that way. They are absolute gentlemen and are in your home to do their job, which they will do with the utmost professionalism.
Twenty minutes is not long. It will whizz by in a haze of rippling abs and naked flesh. So, just before you know he’s going to arrive, make sure you’re comfortable, you’ve topped up your glass, you’re not hungry, and you won’t need to nip off to the bathroom halfway through. It would be a shame to miss even a second.

The don’ts

Inviting a man of such magnitude into your home to take his clothes off definitely crosses a few lines; however, keeping yourself together and enjoy the simple pleasure will keep it real. Follow these don’ts to make sure the party doesn’t turn sour


The absolute worst idea will be to hire a sexy stripper if it’s not what you or the bride-to-be wants. Not only will it be an uncomfortable and embarrassing experience for you, but it also will be for the stripper who puts a lot of his time and energy into the show. You’ll likely also end up with a lull in the party that will be hard to regain. Although, if the idea of a half-naked man in your home serving your food and drink sounds good, why not consider a topless waiter

Generally, photos are permitted, but that is up to the stripper. Videoing, however, is not usually allowed. There will likely be a photo opportunity after the show, but whilst he is performing, enjoy him. He’s only there for a short while. The main thing is to ask. It’s courteous and he will appreciate it.


Groping and grabbing the man, falling all over him, over the top flirting or saying things to him you know you shouldn’t are all examples of inappropriate behaviour. By doing this, he will feel uncomfortable and annoyed. It also isn’t fair on the other group members, and you will end up looking like a fool.

Parties are great fun. They’re usually well organised with a fully stocked bar; prosecco, cocktails and shooters could all be available. This is great; however, getting too drunk, falling over, slurring at the stripper and trying to flaunt yourself all over him is not a great look. The result is the stripper can’t perform as well as he should and the rest of the girls are likely to get rather annoyed.

Expect favours

Just remember that your stripper is there to do his job, which he will do and no more. Don’t expect more of him and don’t expect cheeky favours. The chances are he has another event to head off to afterwards anyway!

There you have it, a simple list of things you should and shouldn’t do when a male stripper rings your doorbell. Follow these simple rules are you’re bound to have a damn good night. In return, the boys will give you one hell of a show. They will put every ounce of their energy into it as soon as they walk through the door and you’ll all experience paradise.

If you would like more information about hiring a male stripper or booking one for your special event, make an enquiry or call today and get this party started!


Male Strippers In Melbourne