Male strippers and topless waiters in Werribee

We are your go-to place for adult entertainment in hens’ parties and celebrations in Werribee. It is only appropriate to show you the best of the best. Our male strippers and topless waiters in Werribee can do full props costume for every party theme you can think of. Are you planning a Safari-themed party perfect in Werribee? Book our Male Strippers in Melbourne and we will sure to make you and your friends roar!

Male Strip Show in Werribee


The hottest male strippers in Australia is coming to you in Werribee. Our male strippers in Werribee will give you a thrilling choreography, not for the faint of heart, ladies. We will give the best final night to your hen before she goes with her married life. We know she needs one night of lusting with our hunk men without judgement and no questions asked. All you just have to do is chill, drink your cocktails and we’ll be in charge of all the silliness you need for that party.

Channing in Magic Mike costume


Spunky and hot! Will is one piece of hot property, make sure you request this man early.
Johnny in army costume

Johnny Star

Tough and rough. If you like a guy who can move than this hunk has the show for you.


The prince of charming, Anouar has got what it takes to rock your next party.

Jay Lam

Tall, tattooed and extremely handsome, Jay Lam is a one of Melbourne’s most requested performers.


Marco is a professional dancer that loves to entertain! Gorgeous blue eyes and incredible moves, Marco has a couple tricks up his sleeve.


Diesel is the perfect addition for your next function with a dance background, awesome personality, killer smile and over 2yrs experience as a stripper, he’s bound to get the party started!


Dark, Strong and handsome. Nikko is one sexy sized hunk. A must see show.

male strippers and topless waiter in werribee


Young, spunky and a rock hard body you won’t be able to take your eyes off. Cesar is one hunky male stripper!


Sexy Francesco is here to rock your party. With the moves that excite, Francesco is one of Magic Men’s most featured dancers.


Dark, muscly and very handsome. Angelo is Melbourne’s finest male stripper.

Mitch A

When Mitch comes to the party you can be sure it will get raunchy! He will make you want to be arrested!

Tyreese in police costume


Freeze! This is Tyreese. Melbourne’s finest chocolate stripper. Enquirer now!


male stirpper and topless waiter in epping


Nathan is one super hunk! With broad shoulders, large arms and cheeky grin, Nathan will have the whole party talking weeks to come.


Hire Nick to spice up your next hens party. Nick is one of Magic Men’s finest.

Photoshoot with Magic Men stripper jay

Jay Couture

Tanned, lean and has got all the right moves. Jay Couture will have you cheering for more when you see this hunk bust a move.


For your pure erotic pleasure, Logan is 100% your number one choice. Logan’s top-rated strip shows are raunchy & seductive leaving little or no room for the imagination. It’s no wonder his profanely good looks, brown hair, sultry eyes and sizzling hot body blows the sex appeal thermometer off the Richter scale. The ultimate end reveal of Logan’s performance would be an understatement if we didn’t say it was a MASSIVE finale and definitely one that will bring out the naughty in you!

Ash in fireman costume

Ash Summers

Fireman, cowboy, Police. Ash has a variety of shows for you to choose from.


Blonde, Sexy and extremely muscly. Ray is the perfect addition to any event.

Jesse Cruze

Chisealed jaw and sultry eyes. Jesse has the sleek moves that will have you screaming for more.

Topless Waiter in Werribee



You are missing out if you haven’t experience being served by a shirtless meaty man. Hire a topless waiter to host and be involved in your naughty games, or have one or two serve your guests with your prepared food and drinks. Prepare for a jaw-dropping handsomeness that will also bring smiles to your guests. If you want them for longer hours, you can book them for the after-party tidying up, and cleaning as well. Our topless waiters can take mean dishes as mean as your desires.


Here’s Ivan, one spunky topless waiter. Ivan will have the party going from the moment he walks in the door.

melbourne best males strippers


Harry is one gorgeous man. Highly in demand, we recommend you book him in early to avoid disappointment.


Hire Ben to be the life of your party. This host knows how to kick start your night.


Tall, dark and handsome. Orlando is sweet, humble and knows how to take care of you and your friends.

Nick B

Nick will have you charmed and dazzled with his gorgeous looks.

Alex N

Alex is one of Magic Men’s cheekiest topless waiters. His smart, intelligent and very cute. Hire this hunk for a guaranteed night of fun.


Exotic and tanned. Antimo is one spicy guy.


One of Magic Men’s spunkiest topless waiter. Bass loves to train, eat and live life. This hunk knows how to get the party going, with killer body and a cheeky smile, Bass is a must have at your next party!


Daniel knows how to get the party started.


Rugged and strong. Aaron has the smoothest accent and gentle personality you’ll ever meet.


Our Ak loves nothing more than the rush of danger, excitement and thrill he gets from racing which is why the ladies find him so intriguing.


Joaquin the tank. Footy player by day, party animal at night.


One of Magic Men’s finest guys. Leo has the look, the body and the personality to spark your night into something amazing.


Athletic, muscly and extremely handsome. Axel is one of our top requests.

Melbourne waiter Chris

Chris M

Topless waiter Chris M is one of Magic Men’s top guys. European, tanned and tatted, Chris M is one spunky bad boy!

Melbourne waiter Charaf


Sexy, cheek and very friendly. Charaf has got it all.


What a sexy man. His clean cut and extremely solid body makes George’s body some one you won’t be able to take your eyes off.


Tall, dark and handsome, Luke has the abs you can grate cheese off.

Melbourne waiter Andy


Topless waiter Eli is Magic Men’s sexiest spunk. His smart and funny and will have all the girls cheering for more.


Muscly, strong and very cute. Robin has it all! He loves to dance and knows how to have a laugh.

Hens Night, Birthday Parties and any Events in Werribee

Hiring professional strippers and topless waiters will save you from all the awkwardness and long-time planning. Leave the entertainment part to our Male Strippers in Melbourne who have mastered the art of pleasing the ladies over the years. The best ever party is yet to come. All you need is book an appointment with us and we will make the raving party you ever attended.