Five Easy Steps to Plan An Unforgettable Hen Party

Planning a hen party can easily turn from a fun one to a horrible one. If you’re the designated planner, you don’t want to disappoint the lovely bride and her loved ones as much as possible. Yes, the responsibility may build up as the event day is nearing, but fret no more! You will be guided with these easy steps on how you can plan the most unforgettable and spectacular party, ever!

Step 1. Talk to the bride
Before doing any planning, check-in with the bride so you can get an idea of what she really likes for her hen party. You don’t need to divulge any information because we want to keep details as a secret as possible. Your talk with the bride should give you an idea of her idea what she’s looking forward to doing, how many guests she can accommodate, budget and others. While it is tempting not to talk to her so she can get a surprise of her life, at least ask for subtle hints of activities she’s comfortable doing.

Step 2. Do the maths – budget, number of nights, and number of guests
Even if you hate math as much as we do, you have no other choice but to crunch up the numbers to get the planning started. Take it easy, and start off with the easiest one. How many nights do you want to spend on the hen party? Is it just one night, or a couple of nights fun? Then, get the bride’s help with the number of guests to make sure you won’t miss a relative or a close friend. Then, set the budget. As early as the second step, this must be considered to avoid ruining your plans. Take advantage of hens packages that will save you a lot of time budgeting and planning. They are already designed to cater to your every need.

Step 3. Finalize the guest list
Finalize the guest list as early as possible so you have one task off of your plate. This should be the calm before the storm. If the bride wants to include a lot of her loved ones, but with different personalities, better to split the group and plan different activities for them.

Finalize the guest list - Steps to Plan An Unforgettable Hen Party

Step 4. Plan the main event
Planning an unforgettable party is a big responsibility but a rewarding task. If you and your girlfriends want the best hen night there is, try to choose activities that are not usual and would be fun for everyone, like hiring a male stripper that will make the party memorable and magical. The hen party is supposed to be a night full of naughty drinking, fun games, and non-stop laughter. Don’t stress it out because hens packages are already available for those like you who want planning to be a breeze. Choose from different activities lined up with food and drinks included in the package to give you the best night there is! And to top it off, some hens packages already have the venue included so you won’t have to worry about the party location and the cleaning afterwards.

Plan the main event - Easy Steps to Plan An Unforgettable Hen Party

Step 5. Finish off with the extras
In every hen party, essentials are also important to set everyone in the party mood and have at least a thing or two they can have as a souvenir. Popular things are sash, party bags, balloons that will definitely give the hen party vibes. Make sure to allocate some of the budgets to these party favours for a complete hen party.

These easy steps to plan an unforgettable party is your key for stress-free planning. Organizing it is supposed to be easy and a fun task. Don’t let it consume the fun out of you. The trick is taking advantage of the hen packages ready to be enjoyed by you and your girlies. Congratulations, you are close to giving the bride the best night of her life. Have lots of fun!