A Hens Night to Remember

or not to remember

Veil, flowers, fancy gowns and an altar- the wedding season is fast approaching no doubt. But before the excitement of finishing whatever is necessary for A life-changing day, is the prior bachelorette party that will surely be the next thing you will (or will not) recall after your wedding.

girls at a hens party

With the mass exodus of women who take part in these is an unending list of activities to make the day just as important as tying the knot. These events vary from country to country but are usually just a one-time experience for any bride-to-be (unless she has a thing for getting married more than once – ok bad joke!), so this should be a worthwhile experience.

But apparently, even though the idea of an all-nighter or a weekend getaway with your girls sounds rather amusing, is the question attached with any hen’s party.

Why is it necessary to pay for activities where the idea is to have the bride answer ridiculous questions or leaving her dancing on top of a table, or raunchy dares that will question her participation?

In fact, hen’s party is just as hated by many as much as a lot embrace them. By judging from the number of people who still patronize this kind of tradition if we may call it, it is still something guaranteed to be remembered five, ten, or even 20 years from now, be it a good or humiliating experience. Celebrating the last days of freedom of the bride is first thing to consider. And once everyone agrees that the theme and activities should be tailoring around the celebrant’s wants, things won’t go wrong.

Prior to the bachelorette party is a list of questions on the groom –to-be; a range of ideas, from how he felt during the proposal, to actually asking his partner’s favorite sexual position and location. It will be something private but undeniably something to laugh (or discuss) about.
One of the considered bright ideas for an activity is twisting up one of the classic children’s game, Pin the Tail on the Donkey… but only it’s a man’s tail you’ll all be pinning after being blindfolded and spun around. It will surely be a giggling matter just like when you were kids.
Another one is the Balloon Pin where everyone besides the bride writes a question or two on a piece of paper rolled and placed inside a balloon or balloon-shaped man parts if they’re actually available. After blowing them, the bride gains the right to choose which kind of man-part inflatable she likes best from the lot and pop it to answer the cringe-worthy questions. This can even go on the rest of the night as a commercial break for other activities.

Maybe not to remember. Depending on what floats your boat!

But setting aside the naughty activities, some toned down events can also happen. This includes getting decent and proper (or maybe not so much) marriage advice, tips on boosting men’s pleasure and cheeky ideas from the more experienced of the group such as the mother or sister-in-law. Who knows, the bride might also discover a thing or two about his groom! It’s not yet too late to call off the wedding.

But between the slightly illicit dares and tamed Q&As is getting to know the bride-to-be, the bridesmaids and her close friends more. It’s like a girl’s night out, but filled with humiliation, penis talk and booze. It’s actually a win-win situation.

Variety spices up life, so doing unusual and ridiculous things might just be the thing to escape the daily dose of norm. And whether or not it leaves a bride laughing her gums out or cursing everyone, it is indeed one memorable experience for everyone.