How to get the ripped body like a male stripper

Male strippers have the perfect body type that a lot of men would kill to have and that most women want to drool over. Their muscular arms & legs and six-pack abs make women go gaga while watching as male strippers remove their clothing piece by piece until all that’s left is a piece of thong. As for the guys, while they may not aspire to have a job as a male stripper, they actually wish they have the ripped body of a male stripper.

Of course, having that kind of to die for body does not come easy. It takes discipline and time to build up a physique like that of male strippers. Guys who want to get that kind of body must follow a strict diet and do daily intense exercises. They must have the discipline to stick to the diet and exercise plan. If they do, the end result is definitely worth all the time and effort.

If you want to get the ripped body of a male stripper, then follow these diet and exercise tips which can really help you out on your journey to a perfect body.

The Diet Plan: What to Eat and What Not to Eat


Either eliminate or reduce your carbohydrate intake. Get rid of pasta, bread, potatoes, white rice, and sugar. The better alternative is to eat fresh fruits and brown rice as carbohydrate sources.

Stick to the good fats which you can get from fish. You can also get good fats from avocadoes and olive oil. Remember to remove the skin from your chicken and trim the fat off your steak.

For protein, again fish is your friend and you can also eat nuts and seeds. Use low or non-fat dairy products and lean cuts of meat.

Eat plenty of green leafy vegetables for your fiber source.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day and eliminate alcohol intake as it is very calorie dense. When you can already see your abs, then you can go back to alcohol but it’s better if it’s in a reduced amount.

The Exercise Plan: What you Should Be Doing

Have a variety of workouts. Focus on certain muscles and then over-all strength gain.

Do cardiovascular exercises to be able to lose excess fats and then pair it with weight training.

Build up your muscle mass and don’t forget to train your legs. The women do not like looking at guys with ripped chests, arms, and shoulders but have chicken legs.

Do exercises that target your abdominal area to gain that elusive six-pack ab which are usually hanging leg raises, planks, air bikes, ab-rollers, ab crunches, and curl ups.

Other exercises which you can do are pushups, military press, jump rope, bench press, burgees, walking lunges, sit ups, kettle bell swings, mountain climbers, wind sprints, running laps, box jumps, body weight squats, and stiff leg dead lifts.

Circuit training is definitely your new best friend.

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