Real Talk On Women Using Sex Toys: Your Most Common Questions Answered

Sex toys provide new and exciting sensations

Sex toys have been popular because they provide new and exciting sensations. These pleasure toys make you enjoy your masturbations more and let’s be honest, it fills the void of real sex when you are single or when you had sexual drawbacks. Women around the world do not need a man to take care of them thanks to different toys available for beginners and pros. 

Despite its many benefits and our generation being vocal on accepting these intimate products, many ladies are still hesitant about having one. So, let us help you get real, honest answers to the most common questions we have on sex toys from users themselves.

When did you get your first toy?

Lily: I got my first toy as a gift from my friend in high school.

Emma: I’m in college and my girlfriends and I had a sleepover. We went ahead and bought vibrators online out of curiosity.

Zara: I think I was 22 or 23, then my boyfriend bought it for me at an online sex toy shop.

Was getting it a positive experience?

Lily: It was uncomfortable at first, but after a few online Google searches and articles, I would say I had a pretty positive experience.

Zara: I would say it was a strange but positive experience. I felt like I explored a new way to pleasure myself and I found it on my own. 

Stacey: It felt empowering for me. Knowing I can have my O’s anytime I want it is fun. Although when my mom found out about it, there was few bantering and discussion, nonetheless, she was pretty sex-positive about it.

What was your first adult toy and how was your first time using it?

Emma: I got vibrator as my first toy and I remembered the vibrations were a little too strong for me. I wish I had the magic wand where I have options for intensities and have a handle for control, you know.

Zara: I got dildo as my first toy and it was a gift. We tried it and it felt cool and different.

Stacey: Mine was a rabbit vibrator, in purple. The first time was exciting and I remembered worrying that I won’t enjoy sex with a partner anymore. I realized I’m worried for nothing.

How do you feel about enjoying sex since you started using sex toys?

Lily: Well, toys are good but I enjoy sex more when I’m with a partner. Nothing beats a real live person. We haven’t tried using one in bed though.

Zara: I’d say I enjoy both with or without a toy. My partner gives a different feeling and pleasure toys also give me different kind of feelings, you know. They can both be amazing experiences.

Emma: It depends. On my single days, I enjoyed having sex toys to help me get off every night. When I had a partner, we use them sparingly to spice up routines or when there’s a special occasion. I’d say sex was way better if you have a partner and toy combined.

How does your partner feel about your sex toys?

Zara: My first toy was a gift from a boyfriend. I’d say men do not mind at all. Had partners who are curious but nothing negative reactions, though.

Stacey: Mine didn’t care and thought it was hot.

Emma: My current boyfriend is very supportive. Actually, my recent one is a cloned penis of him. It was hilarious and I find it sweet it doesn’t intimidate him.

Women found that their partner are supportive in using sex toys

What would you recommend for a first adult toy?

Lily: I’ve come across a discreet rabbit vibrator with purple colour. It’s slim and non-intimidating.

Zara: I think if a woman does not know where the right spots are, I suggest she get a vaginal or clitoral stimulator. Let these wonders do the work for her.

Stacey: I would recommend something simple and easy to operate vibrator. Then figure out what works for them and find a toy that does that.

Emma: The magic wand. It’s a classic toy and non-intimidating plus, the controls and speed can be adjusted.

There are different intimate products sex experts swear by. If you are a beginner, these women’s insights on their first toys and recommended items are something you should take note of. And if you’re a pro on sex toys and already have your holy grail, it is not a bad thing to check toys from time to time and add something on your collection. It’s glad to help each other woman and know the real deal – bed stories or not.