Real Talk on Women’s Hottest Sexual Fantasies

Is your fantasy tame, wild or taboo?

Sexual fantasies are normal and fairly common especially now that our generation is becoming more open with sex explorations. No matter what kink or fantasy you have, your private thoughts don’t have to define who you are. The result of your imagination could be tame, wild, or taboo, but it could be beneficial to you and your sexual pleasure. It’s just a matter of using it with your own advantage. Who knows, you might have the same sexual fantasies like everyone else. Here, we summed up women’s hottest sexual fantasies that could be their source of joy and excitement – in relationships or not.

Exploring with Toys

With technology in place, Magic Men adult toys have become one of the hottest sexual fantasies of women. Knowing they can have a toy that is on point in rocking them every night and can give them a sense of pleasure with or without a man.

“I love experimenting with adult toys. I have this fantasy about using an amazing vibrator who does all the work and know-how to spot on the right places. It would be nice to have that added to my collection.” — Reddit user

Being Dominated/Dominating Someone

Fifty Shades inspired toys have become popular when the movie normalized the fantasy of being in control or being submissive in the bedroom. In fact, one study found out that about 65% of women crave to be dominated and about 47% admitted to having this fantasy.

“My fantasy is doing a full-on BDSM scene: tied, restrained, in nipple clamps or sticks; being flogged with a flogger, cropped, sexually teased and orgasm controlled. I want to be submissive and wanted to be dominated by my partner” — Reddit user

“I’d love to be completely dominated by a man like Christian Grey. His sleeves rolled up, with BDSM toys and accessories. I like it when I have no power. It makes me feel so free.” — Reddit user

Multiple partners

If you have this fantasy, you might be the same with other 57% of women who picture themselves in having multiple partners. Whether you dream of having threesomes, foursomes, and “moresomes”, these fantasies also piques the interest of ladies out there.

“This sounds weird, but I fantasize having threesome with two men taking turns eating me out. I haven’t thought about doing it in real life, you guys!” — Reddit user

Sex with Coworker or Professor

A lot of women made their school crush turned into real-life adventures either through a colleague or a professor. The fantasy doesn’t end there in the workplace. Some fantasized about having sex with coworkers or their boss. Whether it’s from movies or TV shows we watched, there’s an interesting erotic play when books and papers stumble across the desk for a naughty act.

“My fantasy is a little bit common. I think of getting on with my secret crush in the office, where we’ll start having an eye-contact, knowing what that actually means, then meet each other in a copy room or some private office. And my most favourite part is we’ll get back to work and act as if nothing happened and we’re back to our normal working stuff.” — Reddit user

Public Adventure

Sex in public places is a common fantasy in women because of the thrill of getting caught and probably a little bit of interest in exhibitionism. It’s a risky adventure but the feeling of not getting caught after a wild makeout session is a fantasy worth exploring.

“I fantasize about blowing my boyfriend under his office desk – then if someone comes in or he had to take an important call, he still has to act normal and do his poker face even though he’s already coming off.” — Reddit user


If you have sexual fantasies you’re definitely not alone. There are countless sexual scenarios your mind can think of – positions, places, kinks, BDSM play, temperature play, among others that you can fantasize about when you’re alone or with your partner. Whatever it is your kinky heart desire, make sure you are still responsible when you decided to act on it.