The History of Stripping and Exotic Dancers

Exotic dancers better known as strippers are people whose career involves performing erotic dances in adult entertainment places such as strip clubs. Different people have different opinions regarding strip clubs. Some critics claim that these clubs are immoral and disempowering women (or men). Other people see strippers as people who are integral to the well being of the society. They add fun and entertainment to an otherwise stressful life. They look at it as a noble profession where everything is based on two consenting adults.

How Strippers Came About


Though the idea of striptease or stripping wasn’t a new one, it became popular in the UK around 1930s. The reason why it was not popular before 1930 is the fact that the UK law forbidden nudity. It was very difficult to find nude women moving or entertaining men in clubs and bars. It was until Vivian Van Damm, the manager of the Whitehall theatre, convinced Lord Cromer that incorporating nude girls in his shows will help boost the profit of the theatre. His request was granted and so strippers were born.

Today, strippers are often invited in parties to entertain guests. They are in demand and are highly admired by people looking for instant gratification and enjoyment. From topless waitresses, bikini waitresses to exoticdancers, the options for female entertainers are countless. These women have well maintained and attractive bodies. Aside from their looks, they also work on their communication skills and body language to satisfy their clients. The strippers can be hired to perform at public venues, private homes or bachelor parties.

What Type of Girls Are They

As already mentioned, a stripper is a person who dances charmingly and takes off her clothes in front of men. They are the type of girls that are often found in nightclubs, bars, strip clubs and other adult entertainment venues. It is worth bearing in mind that a stripper may not be necessarily a prostitute. A prostitute is a woman who engages in sex for money while a stripper is a person who undresses for money to entertain their clients. In other words, a stripper makes a living through entertaining men or women in case of a male stripper. Most people consider it as a job and do not have a problem getting nude before the public.

Why Do Women Become Strippers?

The reasons why some women become strippers are numerous. Could it be the same reasons why women become secretaries and teachers? Well, not exactly. These are people who come from different social backgrounds. Believe it or not, some of them are married, students, celebrities, and mothers. Some critics portray strippers as immoral women and it is surprising that more and more women are becoming strippers every day and guess what? There is a huge rising demand for male strippers as well! So what could be the reason why mothers, students and celebrities would just wake up and decide to become strippers? Without doubt, the prime reason has everything to do with money. Money talks people, it really does! With the money they earn from these strip clubs, they can use it to support their children, pay bills and attend trips.

The stripping business is one of the most lucrative businesses today. The most expensive stripper can pocket more than $25,000 a week. However, the amount of money one will take home will depend on the type of club, the location and the types of clients who grace the club. Nonetheless, even the less experienced stripper is guaranteed to make some good money every night of undressing in front of men.

What type of People Visit Strip Clubs?

There are generally many reasons why some people go to see strippers. It could be for a party or an event, something different, loneliness and depression or you just ended up there after a massive night out. Guys in a bad relationship may also go to a strip club to relieve stress. Most of the guys in strip clubs looking for some form of attention, entertainment and limitless affection that they would rarely find at home during harsher times. Suffice it to say, people who visit strip clubs are not necessarily single.


Nowadays, people who undress for a living prefer to be called exotic dancers rather than strippers. Regardless of the name, the stripping industry is dominated by women though there are male strippers as well in this Magic Men are the leaders in the industry! If you want to experience some of the boys in action simply contact us today.

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