The week of a male stripper

hens party at your home


The life of a male stripper is never short of drama and entertainment all the days of a week. Sunday is normally marked with a lot of resting, at least. However, the rest is as fleeting as they come. For example, on this day, I was able to get out of the presence of two beautiful women for whom I met at two different hens parties on both Friday and Saturday! What are the odds hey? As happy as I was there, I needed to time and visit my. Since it was hard to just get up and leave, sneaking out was the best and most practical alternative. I know, i know, please don’t judge! After rushing home to take a shower and freshen up, which is very important for someone in my industry, I dashed off to meet some friends and enjoy a an awesome meal at a restaurant by Williamstown beach.


I had to wake up early and go to my day job. Yes, I have a day job, but since the pay is not as much as I would want, I consider working as a male stripper a creative way of using what I have to earn some extra income. While the reason for waking up early was to avoid getting to the office late, I could not resist dashing off to the gym. After all, how shall guys like us earn their income while ignoring his body? Of what use is someone in our link of work without a muscly and fit body? A male stripper’s biggest asset is his body! Anyway, I had vowed to eat clean and healthy diets the entire week, and this often depends on how I start the week, thus the commitment I put in never to miss gym time, and to begin the day well.


male stripper at his photo shoot

I wake up early to go to the office, again. Unlike Monday, I do not start the day off by reporting to the gym. I need to dash to the office and put in a proper shift because later in the day I have to go to a photo shoot. I need to raise my profile a bit. We can never rely on our past glories, including the past photos. In this line of work, the photo is the most important tool of trade. Without the best photos, the constant going to the gym for a proper workout would be inconsequential. However, after the photo shoot, a trip to the gym helps close the day, of course!


Today I didn’t go to the office as I was “sick”, yes, “sick”. Since I have not enjoyed a proper rest since last Friday, I need this day off. However, the day off is not spent rotting away in the house. Later in the day, I go to the gym for a short workout and maintain my aesthetics. As much as I need the rest, the body has to stay in shape, as any guy stripper knows very well. Day off, photo shoot, gym time – the hallmarks of a perfect day.


After being off from work the previous day, I know there is too much work waiting for me. To make the most of the little time I have, I decide to go to work earlier than usual and sink into the life of corporate slavery but today, I have extra motivation for going to work much earlier so I guess it’s not too bad. Oh yes, and also because there is a romantic date waiting for me. However she does not know I am a stripper, do I tell her so soon? Will she get angry if something eventuates between us and I tell her later? Will she speak to again if I tell her now? She is starting to get a bit suspicious as I cannot really spend any Friday or Saturday night with her as I am working at hens parties! Ah decisions, decisions. Less stress and thinking and more doing! Because of the busy schedule, finding time to go to the gym for a workout would not be possible, but I am glad I went yesterday.


This is the last day of the week for the office or day job. Today I really need to watch what I eat so I can maintain maximum muscle definition for the hens party tonight. Since I need to be pumped up and in the right frame of mind, I have to schedule some gym time after work and then it is off to Fabrique tonight to a hens party. By the way, my date last night was really good, I didn’t sleep with her, but it was still good and I has happy with a peck on cheek. Aaah what is happening to me? But “aint nobody got time for that” now. My clients tonight need me to be in excellent physical and mental condition. So i must focus! An intense workout session helps to get me in the right shape both mentally and physically. I recommended this to anyone in any line of work.

This hens party is a much different tonight as there will be more than 50 wild girls waiting for us guys to come out. The fact that I am the only male stripper as they wanted it that way makes me a little bit nervous, but I consider this something I can handle.


hens magic night
Perhaps, this is the only day when I get to sleep in. I am careful not to wake up very late, considering that I shall be meeting with some of my friends later, and there is still the not so little matter of going back to Fabrique for another wild hens night. A lot goes on during the hens party. My expertise and services are just but one aspect of what takes place at the hens party. However, before then, I need to wake up, and take one more trip to the gym for another session before meeting the boys. It is a more demanding role than you think.

After gym time, I return to the house and keep myself busy with the PlayStation. This is the chance to relax and have some ‘me time’, which is very important for a male stripper. With all the work that I do during the week, and the crazy services I have to offer during the weekends, I need to stay sane, and one of the ways of doing that is to spend some time with my precious PlayStation. At the moment I am playing UFC as I really respect these people in real life. Those guys are the best athletes in the world, to do what they do both mentally and physically seems impossible! Fortunately, a few of my friends show up and we spend time playing PlayStation whilst having a laugh.

Now I head back to my second home, the gym for an extra workout session. Once again, I need to be in top shape to entertain all the lovely ladies. While at the hens party, I meet with three stunningly beautiful girls. The girls seem to find me very entertaining and interesting. They ask me to leave with them. The for of us leave for their home, where I expect to have fun, entertain and be entertained. What a way to crown off an amazing week. Now I just need to figure out my escape plan! Haha just kidding!

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