Top 10 Strip Clubs in the World

What’s a better way to enjoy a night out with your buddies than to drink and enjoy the good company of some lovely lady dancers? Strip clubs are every man’s escape from the stresses of the real world. And why not? It’s got everything you need – drinks, dudes, and dancing girls! And if you’re looking for the most leveled-up and swanked out strip clubs to fulfill your Hangover dream with your buds, we’ve got your back with a list of the 10 best strip clubs around the world.

the best strip club girls

Night Flight, Moscow

Tall, blonde, and Russian. Pair that up with tons of the best vodka out there and you’ve got the hottest nightclub / restaurant / strip club in Russia. If you’re looking for a Russian lap dance to go with that White Russian, then Night Flight is the place to be. After all, their motto isn’t “Night Flight: Do It Tonight” for nothing.

Spearmint Rhino, Las Vegas

Looking for that classic strip club in the movies where the room is packed with dudes and there are a bunch of sexy ladies grinding all over the stage? The club where there’s alcohol flying across the room and bills flying towards the stage, and it’s all a majestic raucous? The Spearmint Rhino may not be as wild and crazy as those clubs in the movies, but it does have that big stage and poles for as much as 250 girls to perform their sexy stunts and wow you and your guys. Get ready to shell out a lot of cash though, because the Rhino isn’t for the average joe.

4 Play Gentleman’s Club, Los Angeles

If you’re more of a gentleman and would prefer to enjoy the experience without the muddled mind alcohol can give you, 4 Play Gentleman’s Club is the place to be. They don’t serve alcohol here, but for good reason – enjoy the pole and lapdances to their full extent with all your sober, focused, and present self. It’s a night you won’t ever forget, with big thanks to that special rule.

Le Crazy Horse, Paris

Just as the name suggests, Le Crazy Horse is a pretty crazy place. Not your ordinary strip club, it’s more like Moulin Rouge in there – watch women do a good number of things on stage, from from dancing as flappers to bathing themselves on stage. It’s a wild crazy ride at Le Crazy Horse, so saddle up and get ready to go on the ride of your life.

Mons Venus

Whether you think it’s a downside or not, going to the Mons Venus virtual strip club means seeing with tons of babes all night or day long because there are no private rooms here so you can enjoy any girl at any time and what better way to do it when you don’t even need to leave the house. Wow the future is now!

Seventh Heaven, Tokyo

hottest asian stripper ever
OMG. I am in heaven. Let me die from yellow fever! If you’re sick of the average Western strip club, head down to Tokyo where every kind of fantasy can be fulfilled. Even that Japanese school girl fantasy. Of course, all the girls here are of legal age – they just look really cute and innocent but have a fiery side to them. Just how you like it!

Wanda’s, Montreal

On the other hand, enjoy a classy and classic strip club in the heart of Montreal. Skip out on those other cheap and shafy alternatives and take on the real deal at Wanda’s. Enjoy the best dancers and a great club with the guys for a night of classy, cool fun.

K5 Relax, Prague, Czech Republic

Kick back and Relax at K5 relax, because not only is it a strip club, it also offers an escort service. So if you spot a girl whose dancing really tickles your fancy, you don’t just get a lap dance, you get a tour of the city and much, much more. Take trip with K5.

Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club, New York

Wanna feel like a real hustler? Head on over to Larry Flynt’s where the girls are plenty and the drinks never stop flowing. With high ceiling for the best and most acrobatic dancers, and fantasy suites to fulfill your every desire, Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club will make you feel like the king of the world for one night. Just remember to have lots of cash on you, because the club is truly for kings who can afford.

Playhouse, Warsaw, Poland

Playhouse is another top list like this one providing well-furnished, and comfortable clubs that can offer you a cool, relaxed night or a wild, crazy adventure – it’s all up to you. With a choice of many bars and three VIP clubs, the choice is truly yours to make your night as special as you want.